Cybersecurity is a crucial and ever-evolving field, so there are plenty of interesting facts to discover! Here are a few to pique your curiosity:


Every 39 seconds…

        There is a cyber-attack somewhere in the world.


$4.35 million

        The average cost to businesses due to data breaches.


Over 1 billion

        Malware programs exist, highlighting the vast landscape of potential threats.


$15.6 trillion

        The amount IBM predicts AI-powered security solutions could save businesses globally by 2030.



        The percentage of consumers wouldn’t do business with a company after a data breach.


13 days

        The average amount of days ransomware attacks cost businesses of downtime and crippling operations during recovery.



        Businesses worldwide reported experiencing intellectual property theft in 2022.


95% accuracy

        AI-powered threat intelligence can predict and prevent attacks safeguarding your competitive edge.


In 2023

        The landscape of global data breaches significantly intensified from previous years, including a 72% increase in the number of data compromises over the previous high in 2022.
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